About Resite Online

We have been providing the best web services to the apartment industry since 2001!

Our humble beginning

Like most great ideas, Resite Online was conceptualized from the necessity of solving a problem. Our humble beginning started in Bloomington, IN, within the college apartment of our founders, who sought a way to pay their rent online versus writing a check every month. With no immediate solution in sight, they decided to take matters into their own hands and build an online payment portal themselves.

Our ResidentHubsm was one of the first developed specifically for apartment communities. Its core functionality is continually being utilized and mirrored throughout the multifamily industry today.

Opportunity and growth brought us from the Midwest to our current home in Coastal Virginia.  Today, we operate with more of a start-up feel, allowing us to be more flexible and agile in comparison to our competitors. Our Customer Service is one of our biggest assets, which aids in our mission to provide personable service and build lasting relationships with our clients.

In April 2015, due to the success of Resite Online we have expanded to the forefront of Hampton Roads Web Design with our sister company Suite500!

We bring results

Secure more leads, close more leases, and achieve your online goals.

We are multifaceted experts

Grow your business by employing our knowledge and understanding of both the multifamily industry and the Internet.

We are long term partners

As we build your website, we build positive, lasting relationships to ensure personalized reporting, consultation, and idea exchange.

We offer flexible design options

Resite is unique in that we provide varying levels of customization in the design of your website. Whether you want a plug-it-in design, a fully customized layout, or anything in between, we will make a site that suits your needs.