Resident Portal

As soon as a resident signs a lease, you can offer him or her access to our resident portal, called ResidentHubsm, an online leasing office for resident services, communication, and interaction.

ResidentHubsm serves as a communication center for the leasing office and its residents. Each time a tenant visits your customized portal, they can see the latest community announcements and events.

Online payments, community message boards, maintenance requests and classified ads are all here at the resident’s fingertips. Instead of calling or coming in for most customer service needs, they can go to your website.

The more they can rely on online help, the more time you and your staff have to sign new leases.


Meet the Needs of Your Residents

ResidentHubsm offers many conveniences to you and your residents. Residents can pay rent electronically while at home or away. They can quickly find your policies and procedures and can submit maintenance requests 24 hours a day

Residents can also connect with neighbors with similar interests, find rideshare opportunities, or just socialize, all online. Similarly, community newsletters can be posted here, providing another link from residents to their communities. ResidentHubsm can display any available move-in resources to help residents settle in.


Empower Your On-site Staff

ResidentHubsm makes things easier for your staff, too. They can answer most questions online quickly, and can inform residents of upcoming events and maintenance plans by posting in ResidentHubsm.

As residents become accustomed to using this resource, they will rarely feel the need to call or stop by the office to ask questions, but can still count on excellent customer service. When residents make rent payments in the system, the funds go directly into the community’s bank account, freeing up your staff to do things other than process checks.