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Take Advantage of Accepting Credit Card Payments

Many customers use our resident portal to receive secure electronic check payments, but did you know that the ResidentHub can accept credit cards, too? Our secure portal can take VISA, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards, making paying rent even more convenient for your residents.

Benefits of taking credit cards:
  • Improve resident satisfaction and loyalty by offering multiple payment options
  • Provide convenience and flexibility of paying any time – no more waiting for pay checks to hit the bank
  • Minimize late payments and improve cash flow
  • Decrease risk of bad checks or non sufficient funds
  • Receive immediate notification of payment status
  • Give residents opportunity to earn credit card rewards or points

We will help with setup, so you can begin accepting credit cards in no time!  The ResidentHub is processor independent. We can integrate with your existing processor, or use one of our preferred partners including Forte, RentPayment, and PayLease.

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