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The Advantages of Investing in Social Media

We’re going to focus on the benefits of investing in Social Media, particularly the ability of social media to allow for two-way communication to engage with residents.




The benefits of a well tended social presence extend to resident retention, engagement, and general visibility for your property.


Your online social presence is a valuable asset that requires nurturing and protection.

Monitor Performance of Campaigns

Getting your message out to the right people is only half the equation. The other half involves strategically monitoring the performance of your campaigns and how they fit in with the ongoing conversations you need to have to spark engagement with your community.

Distraction  Everywhere

Remember, you are competing with so much distraction on social media  that it’s hard to get attention. 

  • Talking to friends online
  • Ads
  • Animal pictures
  • Family photos
  • Youtube videos and a host of other distractions

TIP: Focus on the main channels and establishing a strong presence.

distractions in social media funny


Focus on Visuals

We rely heavily on visuals to catch our attention and ignite our imagination; therefore, strive to post more pictures and videos of your apartment as well as floor plan images.

This will allow you to be more useful to residents and prospects by providing the content they want.

  • 80% of prospective renters say photos serve as the primary resource when considering an apartment
  • 82% of prospective renters use their mobile device to view floor plan images

Change your thinking

  • Start thinking more like a journalist – engage visitors, build relationships, tell your community’s story, and be remembered.
  • Build trust and rapport – be transparent
  • Explore prospect and resident pain points
  • Provide solutions to overcome objections
  • Deepen loyalty with existing residents

Uncover Brand Mentions

It’s important that you can monitor mentions of your property online (brand mentions).

These mentions can uncover opportunities that can build a conversation and encourage support around your community, while also protecting your property’s reputation.


Growing Awareness of your Community

Creating and growing your online presence on social media offers many opportunities to build awareness around your community’s brand.


Such a high adoption of social media with adults provides an ever-growing audience to reach and residents that can play a significant role in introducing your brand to the people that matter in a cost-effective way.


Inspiring more action from your audience

Making sure your message reaches the eyeballs of your desired audience (residents and prospects)  is important when marketing your apartment community, but the opportunity is lost if you can’t spark engagement with them.


By establishing a social presence that aligns with your audience’s needs and offers relevant value, we can build legitimacy and trust within your property that leads to conversions.


Regardless of if you’re posting daily or a few times a month, it makes sense to run it all from one social dashboard and be able to post to multiple channels at the same time and save the hassle of having to log in to multiple accounts at the same time.


To round up, investing in Social will:

  • Make it easier to create and enhance your communities social media and internet presence.
  • Build and engage your audience across multiple platforms.
  • Build trust with your audience (residents and prospects).

Your community can leverage the power of Social Media to increase engagement with residents, fuel word of mouth, and improve your online presence.

How are you currently performing on social media?




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