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Are you getting your daily digital “apple a day”?

A Digital Apple A DayAn apple a day keeps the…blah blah blah.

We have all heard that we should eat an apple every day and we won’t have to visit doctors. It’s a saying that promotes healthy eating habits in order to live a healthy life and not get sick. The saying is true as well when it comes to the health of your digital marketing. It is healthy marketing habits that keep people finding you and allows Google to serve up your content to the correct people looking for what you have. Let’s take a look at what some of those healthy habits could be.

Are you eating an apple?
Before we get too far into this marketing metaphor let me explain what constitutes the apple part of this phrase. Your apple is going to be anything that you can use as information to serve to your potential customers and audience. Is it an updated model of your floorplans? Or a video walkthrough you did on one of your apartment models? Maybe you just updated your pet policy and wanted to let everyone know in your blog. All of these would be considered the apple. The apple helps people better understand your business/brand and your product.

Are you eating your apple every day?
Consistency plays a big role in how Google sees your content and how often people will look to you for information. Google only has so much time to look into every website to see if anything is new. A new blog, new amenities, or a new floor plan will let Google know that they need to come back a little more often to check for new content. Once Google understands your schedule for updating your content, they will come to check on you more consistently. This also means that the more content that Google receives from your website the better it will be at serving it to the correct audience. Win-win. Consistently publishing new content to your website helps you to be found by your target audience.

Is your apple fresh?
Content for the sake of content can be worse than no content. Do you know what your audience wants to see, read, or hear? People in apartments are always looking for hidden gems in their community. For example, if you come across a guide to the best restaurants within the area for your residents don’t repost on your social feed or your website’s blog without making sure the information provided is still accurate. Do the work and make sure those restaurants are still open and in business. If they aren’t and you can’t reproduce the guide add a disclaimer for the audience to know before reading. If you waste your audience’s time they won’t be able to trust your content the next time and it will be ignored. Fresh apples produce the best outcomes.

So take a look at what you are doing for your own digital marketing with this metaphor in mind. Ask these questions –

  • Am I eating apples (producing and sharing information to help my audience)?
  • Am I eating every day (being consistent with my audience)?
  • Am I eating fresh apples (sharing information that is timely and relevant)?

If you ask these questions and you can’t answer an astounding yes to all of them stop what you are doing and give us a call. This could be the most important call you ever make stemming from a metaphor about apples. Plus it could help your business when we get you started eating fresh apples every single day!

Eat up and Happy Marketing!

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