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How to Take Better Apartment Photos: A DIY/Tip Guide

How to Take Better Apartment Photos

The number one thing I tell clients that makes a great apartment website is hands down its photos. A good web developer can create an amazing, ultra modern website; however, the photos you provide can dramatically change the overall aesthetic of your apartment website, no matter how many bells and whistles you have.

This is why I always stress for clients to invest in great apartment photos, though, as we all know, this isn’t always feasible. Great apartment photos can be costly, and oftentimes new property photos don’t always make it into the budget.

If new apartment property photos didn’t make it into your budget this year, I have a few tips on how you can take better photos in the meantime. No DSLR needed; you can apply these tips using your mobile phone or any point and shoot camera. Sometimes all you need to invest is a little time and know-how to produce better apartment photos.


Six Tips for Taking Better Apartment Property Photos


1. Use natural light. I seldom use the flash option for any pictures I take. Try and snap new property photos on days with lots of sunlight. The best time to take pictures is usually early in the morning or late in the day. Using the flash on your camera can sometimes have the opposite effect by creating more shadows, making rooms look darker and less inviting. Open up as many blinds and curtains as you can in a space for the most light exposure. If you find yourself needing to take pictures of rooms with little to no natural light, your property’s gym for instance, your best bet is to bring as much external light into the shot as possible by relocating other light sources into the space.


2. Line up your shot with appropriate angles. I get a lot of wonky looking exterior property photos where the ground looks topsy-turvy like you’re viewing it from a Dr. Seuss story. Take your time and line up your shot. If you are shooting a wide photo of your building, make sure the horizon of your camera’s view space lines up with the natural horizon of the building. On the contrary, if you have a tall, high-rise building where it is almost impossible to get a full shot, get close to the building and tilt your camera towards you to create more of an angular perspective.


3. Take photos that residents would find relevant. A tight photo of a rose bush, albeit a pretty photo, unfortunately, doesn’t exactly give prospects a good idea of what the rest of the property looks like. It would be better to take a full perspective/wide shot of the well-kept grounds to provide prospects a better idea of the property and its surroundings.


4. A little staging goes a long way. Simple staging is being mindful of what is in your shot. Things like turning off the TV in your clubhouse before snapping a shot, or simply ensuring that something appropriate is on the screen since it will be displayed on your website. Clean up electric cords or any other clutter. Prospects want to be able to see themselves living in the space, and clutter of everyday items can make this difficult if they are included within your photo.


5. Empty your lot. If at all possible try to schedule your exterior property photo shoot on a day that the parking lot will be empty. The many sizes, shapes and colors of cars in the lot can be distracting to the focus of the photo which should be your beautiful property. Not to mention the necessity of blurring out all license plates, which can also be distracting within the photo.


6. Can’t you just Photoshop that? Photoshop is photo editing software, it is not a verb. Photo editing programs should not be used as a replacement for taking decent photos. These programs should only be used to enhance your photos. That being said, my favorite mobile apps to use are PS Express and VSCOcam. Both apps provide a slew of options that are easy to apply for either a novice or an expert user. It should also go without saying that you should not apply any photo filters (typically seen in popular mobile apps) to any of your apartment photos. This creates a false image of your apartment community.


Applying any of the above tips for your apartment photos can help make a good impression with prospects visiting your website. Not only are they good practices but they are cost effective, too. The quality of your photos often translates into the quality of the services and the units you offer.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera or phone and start making a better impression by snapping better property photos!

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