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Improve Your Apartment SEO

With the final installment in our run up to NAA 2015 in Las Vegas, Cirque Du SEO sets out to weave an online tapestry of aspects to consider in order to craft a superior digital presence and Apartment SEO campaign. 

Your online presence pays tribute to the beauty and uniqueness of your property – from the simplest web page to the most lavish of marketing campaigns. Your website, paid marketing, content, and technology perform in, on, and around your website and online presence to create a breathtaking experience.


Cadre – Balancing 

“Struggling to maintain balance in a stormy universe – the zebras constantly realign themselves, hanging on until the very end.”

With everyone obsessed with Google search and rankings (with good reason – A Chitika study showed 75% of all clicks go to the top 5 results for a given search result), it can very much feel like you are struggling to maintain balance in a stormy universe. When you consider the  ever-changing landscape of Google ranking factors, algorithm updates, and competitors becoming more savvy,  the term “Stormy universe” can seem like an understatement! This uncertainty can be disheartening, but it’s an advantage to the most switched on properties. Being active in keeping up with the latest trends (or outsourcing to someone who does), gives you the edge on competitors with a “set it and leave it” mentality. Becoming attuned to the granular details that can explode your online effectiveness should be a constant goal to strive for rather than an afterthought.

So how often does Google change the algorithm? You may be surprised to find out that the answer is HUNDREDS of times a day. Now most of these go unnoticed, but every so often there is a massive paradigm shift within algorithm updates. Panda? (Penalizing thin content) Penguin? (Penalizing artificial links) Hummingbird? (Paying more attention to each word in search query) The latest being Google’s Mobile-friendly update that released on April 21st’. Having a mobile or responsive site is a MUST if you want to show up on mobile search.


Clowns – Personality & Empathy

With simple, poetic gestures they convey the many complexities of life. Two unpretentious souls on a search for answers

With the information overload we have nowadays, when people come across information they know, heard before, or don’t care about – they TUNE OUT. How can you make it more attractive? Show personality and show empathy.

Dig deeper and understand who is visiting your website and do they want and expect to see the information you are presenting. Keep in mind that your website visitor is searching for answers. Where is your apartment? What do you offer? Are you a good fit for them? The more you understand this, the more effective your website will be.


Duo Trapeze – Trust

trust on trapeze

“Their maneuvers and feet-to-feet catches emulate the beauty of harmony and complete trust”.

How trustworthy is your website? Today people won’t bother with websites if they don’t believe them or find them user-friendly. It seems every day we hear more and more about security breaches and the risk involved in sharing personal info. Take steps to ease your visitors concerns. Put up resident reviews, apartment mentions and trust seals or symbols where applicable.



Other web site factors that can affect your trust are.

  • Looks too busy
  • Bad copy
  • Poor look and feel
  • Dull or unreadable fonts
  • Bad navigation
  • No Photos of business
  • Hidden phone/contact details
  • Awful mobile experience

Fire – Clearer calls-to-action


The rage of fire and the purification of water are brought together then displayed throughout the “O” Theatre in this visual act.

Like fire, have one clear focal point of your pages to where you want the users eyes to go or an action you want them to take. This simple distinction can make all the difference in how well your web pages function, how well your PPC ads work, and how many people take action on your email blasts.

Are the steps required visible?

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet on what text, what size, what location on a page or image will work best – which is why it’s important to test these things.


Synchronized Swimming –  Working together

At the heart of the production, the swimmers provide the necessary link between the elements of fire, earth, air and water and the synchronized swimming team is made up of 17 world-class swimmers.

The constant struggle is to get everything working in harmony (or at least that is always what to strive for). When you list out all the ingredients that go into enhancing your web presence it can be overwhelming just wondering where to start. To simplify, it’s best to categorize activities into four buckets.

  1. Onpage
  2. Offpage
  3. Technical
  4. Everything else

On page optimization deals with Keyword research, understanding searcher intent, Title, Meta, Heading and Alt Tags, Website copy, and your websites interior linking system.

Off-page optimization primarily covers link building. Are they from quality, trusted, and respected sources? Do the links pointing use words you hope they will be found for?

“Technical” refers to dealing with duplicate content, 301 Redirects, Site Speed, XML Sitemaps and more.

Under the Everything else you can put Social Media, Reputation Management, and Schema Markup.


Key Takeaway: When looking to improve your online presence. It’s important to remember there is no  magic bullet. It requires persistence, creativity, and constantly adapting to the latest technology and best practices.  


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