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Is your business thinking about “doing social”?

Getting started with social media seems more of a necessity than an option these days.

With 1.74 billion active users worldwide, Facebook has quickly become an essential marketing tool with its ability to put your business in front of several target audiences. Let’s quickly go over some best practices for using Facebook for your business.

Be consistent – Choose a post frequency you can stick to. Remember, quality far outweighs quantity. When starting out, you should take an hour for each post. That may sound like a long time for a status update, but an hour is a good benchmark. Once you get the hang of thinking socially, the posts will come together much more quickly.

Be beautiful – Now I don’t mean post selfies from that magic angle. I am talking about imagery. Be mindful when taking pictures that you are planning on using for your social channels. A few questions to ask yourself: Is my picture in focus? Am I accurately representing my product or brand? Why am I sharing this picture, and does it serve that purpose? If I saw this photo on my social feed, would I “like” it? These are just some thought starters to get you started.  

Be useful – Again, this is referring to the post itself. Does your post answer a question that people have about your product or service? Is this post helpful to your followers? If not, how can you reposition your copy to do so? Share answers to commonly asked questions, a new product feature that is available, or how you helped resolve an issue that other customers may be having.

Now that you are posting beautiful, useful content regularly, you expect to see your reach (how many people that will see your post organically) grow, but it isn’t. You see that in fact, it is dropping! “What am I doing wrong?”, you ask. The answer is unfortunately, nothing. Facebook’s algorithm has systematically began dropping the reach of business pages several years ago. Then as a way to monetize Facebook, they offered advertising options to grow reach or target user demographics. Luckily, you can boost your organic reach for free by following a few simple steps.

Keep your audience engaged. When your audience is interacting with your posts and page, the reach of your posts grows as a result. BuzzSumo recently published the results of a study they did of 800 million posts on Facebook; here is what they found increased engagement –

  1. Questions, images, and videos were the most engaging types of posts.
  2. Sunday ranked as the most engaging day of the week.
  3. Post at times that your competitors are not posting.
  4. Shorter posts (less than 50 characters of text) received higher engagement.
  5. When a post contained a link to an article outside of Facebook, people engaged more with posts that linked to a longer article.
  6. Image posts shared from Instagram received less engagement than posts with images directly posted to Facebook.

If you would like to read the full article, you should! There are a lot of great facts and recommendations.

Having a social media presence for your business is no longer a “nice to have”, it has become table stakes with many audiences. One way to make sure you are not spinning your wheels is by having an engaged audience. This will give you as much organic reach as Facebook will allow. This will add one more arrow to your business marketing quill and hopefully help you on the road to marketing success.

Happy Marketing.

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