Meet our newest product offering, CALEB, a Communication Assistant Leasing Bot

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Leasing and Resident Services


Our goal at Resite has always been to provide solutions to save your leasing agents time and improve efficiency. With that goal in mind, we offer several products to help offload the “heavy lifting” that usually happens within your leasing offices like processing applications, taking rent payments, and scheduling appointments.

  • Attract Potential Renters
  • Collect Application Fee Electronically
  • Go Paperless
  • Safe & Secure Experience

LeasingPath℠ is our proprietary online lease application wizard, ready to walk your prospective renters through the application process, beginning from the moment they first visit your website. Your applicants can even start and stop the process without losing their place, and we make their lives infinitely easier by helping them pay application fees and deposits online safely and securely. Going paperless can attract a greater number of prospective residents, as you have eliminated the hassle and time wasted with in-person applications.

The leasing agents and property managers can manage new leads within CommunityWare, our own proprietary CMS that allows easy viewing of all applications from the moment the prospective renter starts the application process.

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  • Pay Rent Online From Anywhere
  • Post Community Messages
  • Maintenance Request
  • Safe & Secure Experience

ResidentHub℠ allows for your residents to pay their rent online with great ease and security, and it takes maintenance requests 24/7, allowing the residents to feel connected to the community staff. Add announcements to ResidentHub℠ message board to let your resident know about upcoming community events.

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Communication Assistant Leasing Bot

CALEB, a Communication Assistant Leasing Bot, is Resite’s newest product to help your onsite team. CALEB greets visitors on your website at all hours of the day and has proven to successfully turn leads into leases. He can schedule appointments, answer prospect’s questions, integrate with most CMS and calendar platforms, as well as send real-time analytics and marketing reports.

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