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The Powerful Impact of Google My Business

The Google My Business page setup is one of the most powerful actions you can take for your apartment community. Taking the time to properly set this up, or having a trusted third-party do it for you, is one of the quickest ways to improve your Google visibility.


What is Google My Business?

Below is Google’s definition:


It’s the new way Google connects you directly with potential residents – regardless of whether they’re looking for you on Search, Maps or Google+.


To-Do Task: Visit Google and search for your apartment right now.


Your search results should look like the example below:





Within this section of the search results, we can see key information such as the logo, the address, the phone number, the opening hours, a link to reviews and even a Google street view.


Fifty-per-cent of you will be reading this on your phone, so for comparison, let’s look at the same search example on a mobile device.


Apartment Google My Business - Mobile View



We can see that on mobile, the Call, Directions, and Website buttons for this apartment clearly stand out and promote user engagement.


Why is it important?

Important is an understatement. It’s vital to your apartment’s online presence.


Apartments rank in Google similarly to any other local business; Therefore, just having your Google My Business setup properly can dramatically increase the success of your website online and offline.


It also increases your apartment’s exposure and search traffic while offering full control over the page’s content with and ability to evolve as your property does.


It gives the potential resident who comes across your apartment ability to:

  • Find your apartment contact details quickly
  • See what your apartment looks like since you can add photos and even videos
  • See your office opening hours
  • Find directions to your location quickly
  • See what your apartment looks like with your promotional videos and photographs


How do you set it up?

The length of time to set up will vary based on your familiarity with setting up profiles.  You need to make sure you have all the right content (Descriptions, Images, OfficeOpening hours, Address… etc.) to populate your Google My Business page.


Anything Else?

Unfortunately, these pages are no longer verifiable via phone call. Every Google My Business page now has to be verified by postcard (takes on average 1-2 weeks) before it will publish.

If you’re a property still hasn’t claimed its Google My Business page:

We offer an introductory service for a quick and easy setup.


Key Takeaway

  • This is an essential for all properties, regardless of budget.
  • Claiming your Google My Business is one of the most powerful ways to impact the way you’re property shows up online.

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